Ring the Bell for Climate

A simple climate action everyone can do

We Need You

Ring the Bell for Climate is very simple.

The purpose is to make climate change impossible to ignore.

Ring a bell every day (or honk your horn, bang a pot, blow a whistle) to remind everyone that Climate Change is a global emergency that demands immediate action. The Ring the Bell for Climate movement enhances other efforts by providing a daily opportunity to increase the urgency for climate change action.

Over half of the United States is very sure Climate Change is happening. In other countries it’s even more.


Bonus Level 1: If you can, ring a bell at 11:58 A.M. your time (2 minutes to noon). Imagine a future when you can hear other bells ringing at this time.

Bonus Level 2: Take a video or picture of you or your group ringing the bell and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #ringthebellforclimate or on Facebook at facebook.com/ringthebellforclimate.

Good luck to you all.

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